The key Trends for this year are Ad Tech, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Consumer Web, SaaS and Search Marketing, Virtualization, and Web Marketing/Analytics Tools.

All cool stuff and the good news is that every company that is doing well is hiring. The bad news is you don't have enough time or cycles to research and interview at every company that is hiring for your role. In this market, curation is paramount.

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Since the late 1980's we have witnessed a lot of changes in the Boston Computer, Software, Communications and Web landscape.

One thing has remained a constant, and that is the flow of ideas and energy of the entrepreneurs in the Boston area.

Since the 90's we have watched the demise of the mini computer market, the rise of data communications, the growth of enterprise and client server applications once the LAN was in place, the build out of the internet and then the profusion of opportunity and excess built upon the Web. We lived through the inevitable bubble burst as the pendulum swung back in the other direction after overextending to the positive.

Moving into 2006, things were looking pretty good. It was 1997 all over again. Then Bust, Q4 2008 and things came crashing down.

Now we have not only survived but have rebounded to similar heights from 2000. Startups are back and the job market is robust with most everyone hiring.

So let's Rock