Candidate Services

A job change only happens a few times in a lifetime. It is one of the most important decisions you can make and as a result the process can sometimes be stressful and fraught with emotion. Emotional decisions are not always the best. We prefer the realm of logic.

In today's market, it isn't possible to interview at all the companies potentially interested in hiring you. In fact, your time budget for interviews is pretty limited. Realistically one or two interviews a week will max out your schedule and eat up your PTO time. Also, doing all that research is a pain.

We have been immersed in the Boston startup market for over 20 years. We know the trends, investors, founders and the newest companies and can quickly bring you up to speed on what is interesting in your field.

Catalyst has a very systematic process for your job change. You can eliminate or minimize the emotional factor by having a plan and framework for every stage of your search.

By understanding the Career Trajectory and Career Equity concepts, you will have an evaluation framework that will help guide your search and provide a decision matrix once you begin to receive offers

Understanding the process and having a plan for each stage will produce positive results for phone screens, interviews, offer stage etc…. and ultimately an excellent move to a company you love and a team you are proud to be a part of.